we are futureground

Maximising shared value from a better built environment through:

  • Successful navigation of requirements and opportunities optimisation in a rapidly changing world.
  • Minimising building performance gaps and maximising occupant satisfaction.
  • Ensuring building resilience and de-risked operation in a changing climate.

our approach

We take an outcomes-led and collaborative approach. We focus on identifying and addressing key opportunities and risks. We gather insights to inform the best solutions.

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- 9 days ago

Sobering quote on US spend on bin bags in @DanielPink's excellent #awholenewmind https://t.co/CdZv28wu2v
h J R

- 11 days ago

£3m for UK cities green energy projects. £3m. Mustn't be blown on feasibility studies and tiny sub-optimal projects. https://t.co/QfDOwVjXEl
h J R

- 17 days ago

First time I've shared the #dailyfail but, look! 51 people in #vee-dub. https://t.co/KbM7yEWo3s
h J R