What we offer

We work collaboratively with clients to achieve maximised shared value from a better built environment through:

  • Successful navigation of requirements and opportunities optimisation in a rapidly changing world
  • Minimising building performance gaps and maximising occupant satisfaction
  • Ensuring building resilience and de-risked operation in a changing climate

We support clients across the extended project lifecycle, and tailor services to suit.

Better Design

  • Aligning business, programme and project strategies
  • Insights from buildings in use
  • Planning and delivery strategy
  • Project briefing, integration and governance
  • Design for wellbeing and resilience

Better Delivery

  • Management of planning and EIA
  • Sustainability Statements
  • Design of operational solutions for shared value and sustainability
  • Energy services strategy and procurement
  • Design, construction and supply chain assurance

Better Occupancy

  • Operational readiness and soft landings support
  • Benefits realisation reviews
  • Building post occupancy evaluation
  • Process evaluation and organisational learning
  • Building end of life advisory