Nick James – Director

Creating high quality, healthy and resilient places motivates me – environments that increase well-being, minimise whole-life impacts and provide both business benefit and social value.

Over 20 years in the property industry, I have worked for investor, developer, designer, contractor and consultant organisations. With a training in architecture and masterplanning, my experience spans a wide range of sectors, and extends across all stages of the property lifecycle. I am a qualified designer,  project manager, green building assessor and environmental auditor.

I have a track record in delivering complex, sensitive and innovative projects. I thrive at using my technical knowledge, design thinking approach and engagement skills to challenge, optimise and solve problems at both macro and detail levels.


My approach entails defining context-driven best practice that reflects and emboldens corporate and stakeholder values while addressing critical challenges. Through a process of action research and supportive consultancy, project teams are able to adopt appropriate, innovative and resilient built-environment solutions with confidence.

I have over a decade of experience within the residential building sector. I am a qualified sustainable development practitioner and contributor to NERC’s Resource Recovery from Waste programme. I am passionate about resource management, local economy and enhancing social experience and well-being through increased understanding of our physical built environments.

I aim to positively contribute to the development of sustainable communities and built environment projects, including creating opportunities for materials based knowledge exchange throughout the construction hierarchy and with external stakeholders.


We work with a strong network of trusted associate organisations and individuals. This means we can deliver the right expertise at the right time. We are focused and agile in our approach to ensure best value for clients.