Sustainable Place Strategists

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The journey to a better place begins with a single thought

In a world that’s rapidly changing, we can be good future ancestors.

We help you to shape the thinking, processes and implementation behind the built environment. With the right foundation, we can build thriving places that stand the test of time. Communities that are reimagined, designed and operated in partnership with people and nature.

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Who is walking with you through complexity?

We’re sustainable place strategists with decades of experience working across the property lifecycle, and we can step alongside you as a critical friend in this complex world.

Sometimes this means forming an action plan. Often it means working closely with stakeholders. It always means asking good questions.

“Futureground brought a fresh pair of eyes and a breadth of experience.”
“If someone asked me whose views on sustainability I value from strategic down to an operational level I’d always recommend Nick.”
‘They brought an understanding of the strategic planning side along with a practical knowledge of how things are working on the ground.”
“They distinguish themselves from the mainstream by delivering a truly tailored outcome genuinely co-created with their clients.”

Overcoming the challenges of sustainable change

Bringing technical, process and people expertise, we address the critical aspects of culture and ways of working, so your work can create shared value for people and planet.

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How do you understand and improve sustainability performance?

To measure positive impacts and unearth the real issues at play, we need to go deep. By building trust, asking questions and finding gaps, we can help you do better with less.

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How do you turn a positive goal into a series of actionable steps?

Technical solutions are rarely enough on their own. We interpret the broader implications of a project or strategy across feasibility, design, delivery and operation so you can land on a resilient action plan.

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How do you align stakeholders when the issues are so multifaceted?

Supply chains, national teams, government bodies, tenants, investors, partners, citizens – we’ll help you join the dots. By asking good questions, we’ll translate the voices of people into processes and projects.

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What does great look like when it comes to outputs and outcomes?

If it’s not actionable, it’s not worth writing down. By approaching all strategy with an implementation mindset, we’ll help you deliver on your wider organisational ambitions.

Results you can replicate for years to come

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